What animal would you be, if you were an animal?

It changes,

lately I’m thinking about the seal
even if, really, 
I’m a shapeshifting crow.

Sometimes I am thoughtful, 
taking things apart.
Sometimes I shine all of the colors-
Pink, green, purple, blue 
bounce off of my feathers

I scream and make a lot of noise
I am magic
I am the night
I love resiliently and I adore humor,
humming lots of funny songs to myself.
Life is a game and I appreciate a partner in it.

But lately I am thinking about an animal
I’d pretend in younger days, yes there were many then.
Lately I am the seal
lazing on rocks in the sun
still playful and fiercely loving
diving deep into the endless emotion and
overpowering strength of the water
harnessing currents and finding fish
flipping and flying loops in a reverse sky,
Diving deep into the crushing weight of darkness,
looking so comical on land
out of place
Still a friend to comedians 
more than willing to make smiles and applause
Both clumsy and graceful.