She just want somebody to pay for her Fenty 
I tell her
It aint on me, it’s in me 
She said 
Then i guess it aint gon be in me 
I said 
Well that sounds pretty empty
to me
You look up to someone
cuz they in a Bentley 
I look up to someone
cuz they always friendly
I mean kind 
Dont be mean 
i’ll try 
All these bad thoughts 
Leave em behind 
All these bad thots 
Test your loyalty 
You gon stick by her side 
Or you gon stick it tween her thighs
Let your moral compass slide 
Stop me when I tell a lie 
Play the hand im dealt 
Third eye the big blind 
Universe tellin me 
Its been your time
But I had that shit on mute 
Had like 6 other tabs open 
One with a beat on loop 
Distracted in the lab smokin
Gettin ashes in the potions 
Like poof 
Rubbin on dat ass 
With some lotion 
Nah I mean im workin on dem glutes 
On the road to nowhere
swervin bad news 
and half truths 
Stop for the slow death of fast food
Everything around me 
what cash rules 
We cant seem to make the time 
Time we just pass through 
Do your best son 
That’s all I ask of you 
As this mad world spins
That we’re fastened to
i stay high like above the rim 
Got latitude 
What is sin 
Well that depends 
On what matters to you