Forever chemicals-        starburst, trip, tumble, twirl in place.
Your aquatic bodies, bent to snapping. Infinitesimal

And floating through your bloodstream- polypropylene
promises for the        distant future. Hypotheticals.

Bisphenol Aftertastes- methylmercury build up in the body
Of your prey animals. When we eat,     we become poison.

Calcified cartilage knows-     relent, relent, relent,
Bodies in motion know- hunger. Objects in motion know-

Waste. We know- cook it in butter with lemon and thyme.
Cosmic microwave backgrounds- heat map     of the

Mother’s empty bed, observed,         preserved.
Waste not,    want not- there are plenty of leftovers.

We saw our shapes, our outlines, made eternal,
    And it destroyed us.