The Professor is rigging the radio that the Skipper accidentally sat on.
With a few well-aimed lasers, Ultraman solders the circuits Thing points to. 
Jan is griping that it’s Marcia’s fault the antenna is bent.
Davy Crockett paces and talks international politics with Zorro
who’s following Trixie with his eyes. She stands next to Speed,
who offers the Professor his wrench, which the Professor politely declines.
This rebuff sends ChimChim into a screeching tantrum, drawing Captain Kangaroo
and Lily Munster out of their bamboo chairs to try calm him down.
Finally, the group holds its breath as the Professor fiddles with a knob,
and behind the static, I can make out my own voice.
Gomez and Tish, however, continue to tango to rhythms of distant crashing waves.