Nothing Dr. Hue says
that a good message won’t fix,
so another afternoon session
with the Stunning Iris

After my precipitous dive
8 weeks ago friends (4)
called me a frank-en-steinish 
dutchjew (take that george
santos). Now bi-weekly
magical massages from our lovely
miracle has restored this bi-man
to his usual kind of ugliness. Iris is
a walking U N, her grandparents
vietnamese, african-american &
irish, quechua(Peruvian, her
fingers are heat-seeking digits
that can reach every kink
of one’s being, when she uses
force to restore my shoulder
her left hand holds me like a lover,
when she finishes my back side 
she stretches out her body
on top of me,

that is is when I go to heaven.
A year ago today I landed
in this blighted paradise 
and tomorrow all my comrades
depart for the world
1) Penelope to U.T. Austin
for a summer internship
2) Dr. Hue to China,
he has his own reasons
3) Iris to accompany #2
4) sister Helen away for Brooklyn
to visit her Orthodox cousin

In the 2nd floor A/C
of Helen’s condo
I’ll file my nails
hammer out notes
of a remnant life
pine for my (still unsold)
house boat on Herrington Lake
eat in silence
be patient in my recently acquired
keep watch on Alligator Lake
force myself to look somewhere else