To be looted to the tune of trillions,
then expected to stand by
until derivatives might trickle
and for three months survive
on twelve hundred, many still
have yet to see, it is no
conspiracy to read these furi
ous trump tweets as clear allusions
to that speech in Miami, 1967,
by the chief of police,
wherein he called on murder
of the rightfully disgruntled
for the misdemeanors they might
perpetrate to exorcise those chains
of hate and claim for once
their equal right to walk
on lifelong neighborhood streets
without suffering brutality
sanctioned by the state.
And what if in rage they take
ten million televisions?  It would
pale in comparison to the pillage
that took place when our
congress signed to law their
funds for covid economic aid.
Of course our furorous trump
will claim his comments simply
taken out of context, no intended
dog whistles here to see, just
a dose of contradictions daily
to stoke the chaos and exempt
himself of all responsibility. 
Indeed, as he has said on screen,
he cannot, legitimately, be accused
of having any clue about our history.