Don’t wake me up, I have to see what’s ahead of me.
  Your children they’re all grown, now they watch you go backwards.
  All the young people aren’t watching the clock.
  Time runs away from us.
  The eyes of your friends and family, follow you as you go.
  First your memory then all your belongings, they won’t follow you where you’ll go.
  I’m too young to know life’s lessons, but I’m old enough to ask the questions.
  But is that enough?
  Through the gates of a cemetery, and onwards to the clouds.
  The way in is the wrong direction.
  Here you’ve no clout.
  My friends my companions, what has become of you?
 All my days were passing before me, and I thought I had control.
  Now I know, it’s not what you’re doing, but what you’ll see.
  You can’t find your answers from your elders, and the kids give nothing for free.
  All your children have taken your place, and the circle goes round.    What’s there to do?
  What time do I have to solve my problems?
  Why does it all go away?
  Don’t wake me up, I’d rather pass the time sleeping.
  There I can slow it all down.
  But I can’t buy a future, and the past has let me down.
  The past has let you down.
  Your present is your sorrow, take it as a gift.
  When your children are grown, you’ll remember what you once were.     Just memories, no return.