In laughter, in tears,
in the wind and in stillness,
in a friend’s grateful praise on facebook
for the ordinary pleasantries of life,
in books, in libraries, in trees and the garden,
in cafes, in lexpomo, in stars—and always in the moon—
in smiles of strangers, my sisters, my grandchildren,
in the kindnesses of people, in pinterest, in magazines, in newspapers,
in the water of lakes, rivers, ponds, even the buzz of misquotes 
on whom the hummingbirds feed, hummingbirds poems all their own,
in a cool glass of water, a slice of watermelon, in memories,
in mud and phone calls and notes arriving in the mail,
in the post office, the ups truck, the grocery aisles, the buzz 
of lawn mowers and the uncut roadsides and fence rows,
in thunder and lightening, in lamps, in campfires,
in sand and dirt and oceans and…