I imagine being breezed away in a swirl of rainbow and late-night tv snow static
into a world of sepia and slow jazz
solid but not solid in form, an other-worldly pudding
whisked into a mix like meringue folds into batter.

We watch as MacArthur battles Napoleon, Gandhi and Nelson Mandela have tea
Valhalla, Heaven, Svarga intertwine and combine, the cosmic fiber-optic infinity network
movies of past lives play on a big screen
texts of speculative futures unfold streaming toward technicolor doors that swing open and shut, open and shut

Waltzing on ponds and flying through windows
Spectral experiences are elastic, stretching and springing, our phantom abilities are untethered,
Until they decide to take me back home, tuck in my blankets, sprinkle some sand
Haunted and holy, existing again, holding dreams of unhinged imagination. 

[Duet Poem by Maggie Brewer and Michelle Knickerbocker]