Who knows who goes to heaven…
And sings in angelic choirs…
Who knows who is in the host of those
Who eat at His banquet table?
Is it the right seeking,
Those who live upright lives?
Is it those that are overjoyed at pleasing Christ?
Is it those that have repented
And ask just to share in His peace
Because their life was so shattered
And shaped in pain?
Is it those who live a long life?
And after such have thanked God for such an opportunity?
Is it those who having come to maturity
Must give up their lives
To small metal objects, or small living creatures
That for their size still wield more power than
Any weight lifter…
Or is it the children
That only ask to be loved
And instead must never have a childhood,
Whether their death comes early in their young life,
Or they must linger with illness or abuse,
Or whether into maturity
They bring pain and hurt that was dealt them
Not knowing what to do with it.
Who knows who goes to heaven?