maybe it’s because you
caught me
off guard  

maybe it’s just that
the sight of your bare
ass in the moonlight
makes me want to do things
to you
i’m not sure whether or not
to be ashamed of  

maybe it’s because the sun
and dark clouds must coexist
to weather the world  

maybe the reason is
the aesthetic pleasure
derived from the placement
of your freckles
is my main proof
that God is real  

maybe it’s because you think ads
are a perfectly respectable form of art
and opposites attract  

maybe it’s because your skin
is smoother than Sade
on the back porch in summer rain  

maybe it’s because
love is more primal
than I wanted it to be  

maybe we’re just crazy
enough to find love
wedged between the cracks
in a ground we never thought
we’d be interested enough
to cross