don’t let perception 
rule in your heart

hold on to the truth:
you are a unique feature
of the universe–forging a
path through spacetime
entirely your own.

no one can replace you–
your heart and soul are
on an electromagnetic journey and
reveal, through your poetry
and through your love,
a universe entirely your own

yes, you are alone
some am i
so are we all
because no one can
occupy our position
in spacetime with us

but don’t buy the lie
that this means you don’t matter

ignore scale–while you may feel small
compared to a galaxy, you are like a galaxy to
a quark

do not judge the value of your unique voice
on the size of the “splash” you imagine 
you make–or do not make–in the 
Great Pool

even a ripple in the water carries
across the surface
what was not there

why write?

because you have something to say
and we need to hear