Cradle Roll, Chi Rho, CYF solid
Dependable, understandable, open. 
Why did moving a few miles upset
The unassailable truth of inclusion? 

Come unto me little children, but 
Only if your mother is straight. 
Never lend your talents to the table,
If you are a divorced person. 

A bake sale is forbidden fruit. 
Men are allowed to pray.
Women wear gags from birth.
Ideas heard alone from elders

Women cannot teach men or boys.
Still women are 10 to 1 there on
Sunday morn and night, Wednesday,too.
And all revivals with dinner on the grounds. 
Oh, yes, most especially dinner on the grounds,

 This flat land religions looks down on 
My mountain kin, our holy rollers, 
Our courage to handle snakes in faith.
I am instructed hate is something different
Down here
                 where grass is blue
                                         and doors slam shut. 
K. Bruce Florence