Back patch makes my skin itch,
Drips sweat in my eyes, 
Burns the top of my feet. 
Parched I pause, stop the torture
To remember another garden
Another day’s fruitful abundance. 

Corn, tomatoes, squash, new potatoes,
Green beans, Ah!The lowly green bean.
Limas, peppers, cantaloupe, broccoli,
radishes, lettuce, beets, watermelon,
Sweet red, juicy watermelon. 

Treasure of ancient pharaohs and kings. 
All that richness generously poured
On the groaning harvest board,.
Stretching our middle, pleasing our brain,
Slowing our steps, delighting our psyche. 

Forget the bugs, a sizzling sun, 
Droughty days or hungry critters.
Close your eyes, flick off the bee
And dream of harvest tomorrows. 
Papaw always said, “Work hard in summer.
Good gardens beat snowballs any day.” 

K. Bruce Florence