You make me shiver 
Like the timber
In the coldest winter

And I remember 
You were limber
And you’re back again

No, we’re not lovers
We were fighters
Now we’re barely friends

But If you knew how much I thought 
About the time we spent

You would know how much you owe
For all the space you rent

And no I wouldn’t take it back 
Cause I don’t need regret

What would I do
With all the thoughts 
In the woods that you done bought
Where I go pitch a tent

But if you lit a fire
It would surely burn me down
The embers of my skin
Are ashes falling to the ground

Orange and gray dancers
Gently twirl into the earth
I hear your whispering rains
Singing songs about new birth

But it wouldn’t be for us
It’s clear it must be new
Imbibing crystal water
Like the twinkling morning dew

We could learn the different ways
To stop and smell the flowers
In these lovely morning showers
Walking through the shimmer
Of these gray but sunlit days