Out of all the places in the world
You came from the town I’m haunted by
The one my grandmother’s shadow
Looms over, a smile at the County Clerk
In her green dress in that photograph
And her first husband, the dead drunk
And her new husband, that’s also dying
Brain Mets, they say it’s getting better
But it’s not something you recover from
True love the second time around
And a life lived for others grace
He was a principal and now he replays
Memories of playing basketball with his son
I’m his honorary granddaughter, memory-less 
But filled with a shared love and heartache
I cannot walk in that town without
Seeing strangers who know me better than
I do. My grandma and grandpa. You came
Humming my middle name, you figured
Me out before I was even born just by
Watching my family form and fall apart
Determined to put the pieces back together