rapunzel, rapunzel, don’t let down your hair.

it’s so messy and tattered—

how can you go out this way?

these tangles and knots

put disgrace on us.

be a good girl,

jeda veyi.


rapunzel, rapunzel,

how will you escape

if you do not let down your hair?


rapunzel, rapunzel,

who will come visit you,

not even the evil witch,

if you do not let down your hair?


rapunzel, rapunzel,

look out the window

at the bird who crashes

into his reflection,

crazed and harrowed.


rapunzel, rapunzel,

the real world is outside.

you’d never know the difference

if the the pictures in books lied.


rapunzel, rapunzel,

the voices in your head

you hear when you read

are all just projections

of the person you see


in your mirror, rapunzel

in your book, and window,

would you notice a difference

switching lives with the bird?


The bird has more freedom—

he’s on the other side

of this window between you

and the rest of mankind.


rapunzel, rapunzel

not a real human you’ve ever touched.

all you can imagine

is what you’ve read in the books you love so much.

rapunzel, rapunzel,
you don’t know
that the ones you love so much
left you here all alone.

they kept you from fun,
they kept you from play.
all you can do is watch
or don’t! either way, here you’ll stay.

rapunzel, rapunzel
you don’t know that
you can break this window
easily with
the force of your fist.
you, go girl!
go, girl power!

rapunzel, rapunzel,
after the window breaks, what then?
will you fall to your death
and meet your end?

rapunzel, rapunzel,
even atoms have distance between them,
and they don’t complain, or cause a nuisance.

rapunzel, rapunzel,
is it really that bad?
those books are lies!
you don’t need any of that.

rapunzel, rapunzel,
friends are not real.
if they were, look around you,
wouldn’t they be here?

rapunzel, rapunzel,
look inside your heart
the feeling you feel there
is love—don’t try to pick it apart.

rapunzel, rapunzel,
who else, believe me,
is there to help you?
no one, that’s who.
this rape i give you?
it’s all you need, too.