I wanted you. 
Every piece of you. 
That’s why I so willingly jumped, 
at your request to see me again.  
I told myself over and over, 
that you were not the one.

Even my heart, 
and my mind, 
danced tango with each other. 
Refusing to accept,
our expiration date.

I still remember being caught, 
in a blizzard, 
with you.
Watching the view from the window, 
while the winds shook the building. 
I felt safe every minute,
i spent in your arms that day.
But I found myself again… 
At an empty shore. 
No boats, no people. 
Just a thick block of fog, 
surrounding me.

I realized I truly loved you,
but you are not those arms keeping me safe.

You were the storm,
unable to settle down,
finding your safe harbor.

And I,
had to set sail.