Black & White sniper
shoots a lone woman
coursing a desolate cobblestone street
wearing a self-restraining order
walking off a belligerent memory
hung over when she promised herself she wouldn’t do it again
this time too close for comfort

she faces off a blurred image smeared in her rear view mirror
taking a deep breath she dives  
bottom looks like top
attempts to hide in her strength what’s left of it
she turns on determined
tells herself there’s nothing left to be intimidated
or bossed
or tossed
or crossed
just wants to ditch all the losses  
inject strong broad’s conviction into her veins

she turns her back on oppressive submissive vaginal holds
nows the time to fee-fi-for-ward

deeply pounding pockmarked stories in aged stones
fueled by a spinning mind
no one witnesses her high-heeled power play
no one sees the crying little girl hiding inside her cell phone