I’m most in love with myself at work.
To see exactly what needs to be done
in solving whatever problem, big or small,
to gain understanding of all the tools
I can use to achieve a goal,
to find those oh so subtle improvements today
making tomorrow go just that little bit smoother
and watching people learn trust
from hearing me say
I believe this will work
to seeing it happen before their eyes
because the concrete logic contained
within the parameters of the job
can only lead to one conclusion,
it’s exhilerating.

Then I come home
and the problems are social, emotional,
relational, national,
political, spiritual
abounding in misunderstanding,
misinformation, misrepresentation,
intangible liquid ghostlike
unable to be proved
and easily squashed by the opinion
of one far more confident than I.
Turns out,
I don’t really know anything at all.