Pass you in the break room
pass you in the hall,
there’s not a time we cross paths
that I don’t know your there.
Lovely and so sweet
you get my heart to yearning,
though I try to keep my eyes ahead
a glance cannot be helped.

But my problem is the setting
and the life that’s left me here.
A mentality of success
is too powerful a drive.
My mind is a one track
that cannot help assuming
others are just like me
so I best not be a distraction.

It’s not that I don’t want to talk,
I just can’t talk to you
for the focus I know will not break
even when I’m trying not to care.
I detest ideas of missing you
because the job has crushed us
but when the job becomes your sole success,
you become the job.

Anywhere else we might have been friends
talking without responibility’s nag,
or you’d be a face I long for once
from the confines of obscurity.
As of now, you’re an every day sight
in the break room, in the hall
where we pass each other in silence,
broken by the world that brought us together.