made by Dall-E
In the gentle quiet of twilight’s sigh, Underneath the murmuring indigo sky, The world wrapped in a soft, velvet shroud, Every whispering wind, every heartbeat, loud.

Upon the canvas of the waning day, Stars like diamond-dust come out to play, In their scattered light and eternal flow, They sing songs of cosmos and eons ago.

Silhouettes of trees with their branches bare, Stand as silent sentinels, stoic and fair, Guardians of the night, they whisper and sway, With secrets that bloom ‘neath the milky way.

The Moon, in her regal and radiant guise, Drapes the Earth in a silver sunrise, With each cradle-rock of the tidal ebb and flow, In her silvery glow, the world is aglow.

Creatures of the night begin their refrain, A symphony echoed in the leaf-littered lane, A million lives, both big and small, Awake in the hush of nightfall’s call.

Yet in this quiet and celestial dome, Each heart, each soul finds a home, For in the grandeur of the starlit night, We find ourselves in the cosmic light.

Beneath the universe’s quiet serenade, Where the day’s worries begin to fade, We realize, though we are but a tiny part, We hold an entire universe within our heart.

So let us gaze upon the night’s embrace, Where time and space interlace, In the silent poetry of the cosmos above, We find our place, we find our love.