I want to travel the world
And freestyle with strange people;
Let them know, with a noble flow
That we are equals.

Full of good and evil,
Accepting and deceitful.
Painfully aware of life’s 
Fleeting heartbeat, mental. 

Vital instrumental,
Menial continual, 
Punching with words like birds
Flying into your temple.

Digging a deep dimple,
Injecting intelligence into 
This primordial American temple;
I’ll write it real simple.

Deliver very gentle,
Explain that life is assembly
And disassemble;
Comically accidental.

What does this resemble?
Extra existential experimental!
Currently turse, a turn for the worse,
So I grab my pencil & celebrate my potential.

Write a rhyme that is a protest monumental:
Truthfully transcendental;
Linguistic cylindrical tricks confront quixotic jurisprudential,
Aimed to slay ten confidential slithering presidental terrorist tendrils.