Psst Psst
I see live poets

Yay Hot Sauce
On that verse, Oh

Yay, Hot Sauce
On that verse, Oh

See though
any line ninja,
they a
see through

Word spoke,
shout snap exclaim
yell, hiss, rhyme,

Bail a ninja
outta jail,
she talks out loud
like Warsan

Which one
of these monkey-ass
ninjas tryna
see Louisville

Dislikes me
freak-em all
and their agents

You got so so
many choices.
How many do I
really got?

I’m about to
Spit on diss
like Kendrick

Whup dat ass
side eye it
like I didn’t
do it

You gotta show
and blow out

Conjure woman
I be the one
to one up them

Talk them down,
we all know they
got someone black
in them

Dance on them
Rap, rhyme, talk shit
Fight, jail time
on them

Yo, Them,
I see you like
‘em brown

I better never
Catch em in

To all my
sisters in
love lust
you better run

Take a second
before you
leave the hood

Yaw just like us,
Yaw just like us,
Yaw just like us,
Yaw just like us