You are more valuable than the sparrows. 
            —    Matthew 10:31
            (A Response to the name of my god is blue by Greg Friedman)  

His name is a color that
            is no color at all.
Is it just a trick of the light
            the way sun shines
on the blue bird’s wings?
            The way the red and green
iridescently sing soft puffs
            on the hummingbird’s neck?  

I have forgotten the steps
            that dance across my eyes,
the sighs I hear when
            clouds part the skies.
I have lost the touch
            of His hand in mine
My heart lept alive
            once dancing in time  

with the beat of wings
            as lilting birds sing
answering and calling,
            listening, listening, never falling.  

Alissa Sammarco
June 4, 2023