How weird was it, love
that we made a damn break up song
our song
in that precious year and a half
we spent in love?

Oh, if only we could feel what we remember,
how we played that song constantly
on every adventure we went on.
There was always something new to do,
but we also knew the snow was soon to come.

We wouldn’t talk about it
but the life of a setting sun was calling,
It couldn’t be stopped.
We just wrapped ourselves in ourselves
when the temp’rature began to drop,

drew it out best we could
with our cute and sweet games,
our ever strong passions.
No one had ever cared for me
quite like you did.

I learned true love when the clouds appeared
in the broken serenity of my studio apartment,
lying in the bed we laid in
discussing the insurmountable odds
growing up presented.

There was boot camp and A school,
eventual deployment to a base somewhere,
a life to be found in the barracks
you had to live full
far beyond my reach.

But if I had known
that the cruel dart thrown
at a map of the world
would hit us in the fingertips,
I never would have let you fly so easily.

That’s why I had to go see you.
Had to see if a flame survived
and could be rekindled.
Risks worth taking, 
I would have followed you around the world.

I remember fondly that last night
spent doing nothing in your barracks
just so I could reminisce
on what it was like

I’ve always wondered about that final walk we took
across the base late at night
if you finally figured me out
and didn’t know what to say
except goodbye.

You are now the same age I was
when I first fell in love with you.
I wonder how that would change our love,
not that the courage will be found
to ever find out.

I fear I will never know that kind of love again.
Nobody has cared for me quite like you
in all these sunless years since.
Thus the winter storms keep raging with this truth;
(you) only know you love her when you let her go.