One day, the storm you stirred—

this swelling tempest — will rise

with a fierce wind and a solid purpose-

To remind you of the damage

Caused by your careless breach

into nature’s protected lair.

And when the hail rains down,

And the winds roar—

And the lightening strikes your heart-

You will remember her.

Others will ask, who is this beautiful force?

What shall we call this tragic, yet breathtaking storm?

And you, you will know her name.


As you watch your home –swallowed–

In her mouth, in the abyss of Mother nature’s fury,

Blackened skies will rage—

And the thunder will pound in your chest,

and by the earth shattering vibrations,

you will know that she has returned for you.

You will remember her as she once was,

gentle and kind–

And You will know her name—

the name of this storm

sweeping you away

to the deep, dark, unforgiving sea.