I yearn for the drunken nights of wisdom
A circle of like-minded minds
Echoing their lives in every single sentence.
Tainted eyes with laughter in late hours.

It’s a funny thing, missing someone as if they passed
When they are still awake with the living.

My guru was you at the turn of my life. 
I would give a little bit of everything
To be in that Smokey alabaster room once again. 
Just so I could have helped you as you helped me.

Even talking about you in past tense hunts
My every haunt that we could talk like brothers

What I have learned all these years…
Would it even ring true in your ears? 
Would it chop down your arrogance and 
Would you actually listen? 

I want to help. 

I tried to. 

But your battle is within your corpse
And you must find that old knight in there.