When your last breath leaves

And your last thoughts cease
I will be your last driver.

As you’re thrust, again,
into a world unknown
I’ll make your final bed.

I only have pieces of your story.
I see the vessel that created your legacy.
I see the pain left behind by your leave.
It coats me.

Over and over again.

I’m left to help you break away from this plain of existence.
I give you dignity and respect you can’t ask for.
I’ll wash your face for the last time.
No judgement.
Just dignity.

That is my purpose.

To feel the last bit of warmth in your hands, 
to see your last goodbyes; 
The tears are a hope.
A hope that we matter.
This all accounts for something,
and it’s evident in the pain we carry and feel in these rooms.
These tears were earned by a revered and shared history.

And though you can’t express
Any emotion anymore.
I will be your last driver.
I’ll come to help you go.