You look to me and I to Him, 
I wonder bout which way I have been. 
I see your silent smile, reflecting from the window as a blur of trees flashing, 
I want to forever stay but this time is passing.
 I feel within,
 Every tear, every joy, 
Every moment that brought you here, 
I hold you near and wonder bout it all, 
how someone as I, have to hold, this all. 
As I leave for the day, you tackle, play, hug and won’t let go,
 I want to stay but work must pay, 
I slowly push away, leave for the day, 
wondering bout, when you won’t beg for me to stay. 
I see your silent smile, from the window flashing,
 I want to forever stay, but these bills must pay,
Another day I say, another day he wished, 
another day may never be accomplished.
I see your silent smile, from the window flashing. 
I want to forever stay, 
So I looked the other way and stopped for the day, 
I took your hand and you took my heart, 
We roamed about natures part, 
In a creek you splashed, played then fell asleep,
 I noticed a maple leaf, weightless in the air, simply floating.  
If I may, I would like to stay, if even for a moment, I pray forever.