zhe is a whale that dives
dives into the twilight waters 
& dreams it’s a hummingbird
that flits from flower to flower
from perch to perch
as it sips the nectar of truth
from multiple flowers

zhe is a hummingbird 
that dreams it’s a jesus bug 
that skims across the surface 
of streams & ponds 
in & out of sun & shadow 

zhe is a jesus bug
that dreams it’s a giant squid
that slips through the fissures
of the deep like a wraith
like a hawk on the wing
that rides the winds
to where the clouds are born

zhe is hawk that’s a giant squid
that dreams it’s a butterfly
that dreams it’s a whale that dives
into twilight waters that dreams 
it’s a jesus bug that is a hummingbird