Present here and present there
Is there enough of me to go around?
I’m physically present here
Virtually present there
Zooming into a gathering with audio and video
        lets me see and hear that
       Yes! We are yet alive to see each other’s faces!
With no physial travel, just a press of a single key
     We can go in an instatnt, to the places we want to be.
Clothed in formal attire, or Tshirt and jeans, 
We can come together just as we are
    to be virtually and actually present with one another.
So I ZOOM in with video and join the connection! 
I am there to participate and engage in moments of community!
I want to be fully present in the moment!
To actually be there I must be present through
     the giving of invisible parts of me
     that the video doesn’t show.
Actual presence requires my time and full attention, 
     and concern for the others I will meet.
ZOOMing is a new reality that makes
       virtual and actual presence possible.
It’s good to be together!
To laugh and chat for a while. 
However, ZOOMing can’t provide, 
     the thing I miss the most
           the warmth of  actual human touch
                  and comfort of a gentle hug
                       that goes with the sweet smile.