Posts for June 5, 2016


cinquain of clutter

Is it
a poverty
of spirit pushing me
to save unmatched socks, old letters
ruined pans, skeins of  kinked up yarn
or simply sabotage
to keep myself


When the sea comes, the bells ring

When she comes,
she comes
without mercy.
Your sins are
nothing to the
raging of her
the calm tides 
of her indifference.
What you have done
is nothing
to the scale of 
her breathing,
to the slow,
of her life.
Her shores are
and you
have been lost
beneath them.
When the 
sea comes,
the bells ring.
are forgotten.


What Parenting Feels Like

I definitely say
to love is to hurt… 
Bare feet on tiny gravel
Bandaid removal  
One minute past close
Both sides, stopped up nose  
Expired gift card 
Broken bite guard  
Tuna in oil, not water
Noisy theatre neighbor  
Printer low on ink
White laundry turned pink  
Sparkling clean car, dark skies
Unsolicited ill advice  
Flat tire and already late
Slow AT&T internet wait
Blue lights in the mirror
Unfavorable bank error  
Bloat and skinny jeans
Dadgum IVs  
New Windows 10 to learn
Nagging blistered sunburn  
Tweezed eyebrow pinch
Clabbered milk stench  
Car door smashed finger
Bare cupboard and burnt dinner  
Cell data overage
Stubborn kinfolk grudge  
Visit to the dentist
Rainy camping trip    

maybe a rainbow?
To love is to hope.


beautiful damage

her lonely
resides in the heart
smiling oft
her lips a vestibule of
beautiful damage


Gracias a ella

If not for her, he could have forgotten love. Instead, he still remembers, wittingly. The completion of shattered continents, tying lonely seacoasts together by way of the landlocked heartland, bringing mountain snows to dry lake beds: How could this seem so simple? And when she left, saying nothing the least bit unexpected, why did none of her fade, become less than real? A found photograph is as surprising as his reaction, the gratitude at seeing the open-ended, intertwined translations a formula: (thanks to) (because of) / her



Poem 5, June 5              

Hot, humid Saturday  

For two hours yesterday,
I cleaned the gutter
in front of your house.  

You were not in the house.
I cannot begin to say
how unpleasant the day was.  

How unbearably hot it was,
& miserable in every way,
me scooping decaying organic loam  

like human waste from an outhouse.
How I would have traded the job for a fish gutter’s
chore in those moments, but when a wren  

flew from your hanging flowerpot
& scolded me, I smiled a smile
meant only for me.  

When a red wasp darted at me,
I did not think. I let my rile
control my action, my swat,  

it did not.


One Thread of Detail

                                          One Thread of Detail

It seems to me
the night was filled with dreams
lush, flush, over-flowing
brimming, ballooning

teaming universes
of fantasy and color

Just a snag
in the cloth–

one thread of detail
may float back to me

to pull
the whole
story out.



Eatin’ a taco by the fence
with my cat
keepin’ the birds safe

Duplicated cousins
share the same face

Grass in everyone’s mouth
protecting nature from nature
A paradox replaced

When water drowns us
And teachers fail us
yet we’re the dominant race


Horse hair

some like the way a mare’s tail
flames behind her as if she sets
the very air on fire when she runs

others fancy how her mane breaks
along the arch of her neck and cascades
over her withers, water spilled on stone

me, I watch the feathered dance of fetlocks
as her feet fly over the earth, shimmy
of lightning to the thunder of her hooves


Reply to a Lonely Soul

Thought about what you need, then
Thought about offering a reply, then
Thought it might be insensitive
Perhaps a little rash
Adding itch to a rash
Knowing there could be wrath
Repaid with a cynical bath
Of “love me. Love me. Love me!”
Suds of soapy sympathy
Failing to clean gentle apathy
Driving a force of entropy
That would make me the next entry
In your diary of lonely
What if envyings.

I was there once so I understand
But life is not simply
Who is crawling into bed with you
And when.
Surprises come when you stop searching
Letting go to let it happen
Only then will you cease to be lonely.