I definitely say
to love is to hurt… 
Bare feet on tiny gravel
Bandaid removal  
One minute past close
Both sides, stopped up nose  
Expired gift card 
Broken bite guard  
Tuna in oil, not water
Noisy theatre neighbor  
Printer low on ink
White laundry turned pink  
Sparkling clean car, dark skies
Unsolicited ill advice  
Flat tire and already late
Slow AT&T internet wait
Blue lights in the mirror
Unfavorable bank error  
Bloat and skinny jeans
Dadgum IVs  
New Windows 10 to learn
Nagging blistered sunburn  
Tweezed eyebrow pinch
Clabbered milk stench  
Car door smashed finger
Bare cupboard and burnt dinner  
Cell data overage
Stubborn kinfolk grudge  
Visit to the dentist
Rainy camping trip    

maybe a rainbow?
To love is to hope.