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The Higgs Particle

Prophesied particle
field excitation
plurality of all

Abstract watercolor painting, based off the computer generated images created when scientists discovered the Higgs Particle


Chester Johnson, Poem Six

Poem 14, June 14  

Chester Johnson, Poem Six  

I don’t want to make it appear
that I was in charge of anything,
or that I was more important
than the other sailors
who helped wire the sound system.
With so many dignitaries
coming for the signing,
a number of sailors
from the USS Missouri were temporarily stationed
on the USS Iowa for the duration of the surrender ceremony
which took place aboard the Missouri.
I know there is no way to find out who helped me,
but as I told you I was not assigned
to the USS Missouri.
I was assigned to the USS Iowa,
a Petty Officer Third Class
and I was ordered to go
from the Iowa to the Missouri.  

Steve Cummings

Isn’t it Funny

(Folksong in C)

Isn’t it funny conservatives save nothing
Own a big house nobody’s in 
Drive a big car to check out the jobsite
To build some big houses nobody’s in

And they’re doing all this while they’re waving our flag
Talking ’bout taxes, talking ’bout war
But the Chinese make the shoes to save 2 bucks a unit
Can’t grow our own sugar
Can’t forge our own steel

Isn’t it funny liberals hate freedom
Make another law to protect me from us
Blame some concept for the evils men do
Lie to me daily to gain my trust

And they’re doing all this while they’re waving our flag
Their leaders don’t lead – they cheat and they charm
But the people still starve ’cause they can’t read the menu
While they’re licking the boots of the pigs on the farm

And they’re doing all this while they’re waving our flag
‘Cause the flag means nothing to the almighty green
The green wins elections
We believe what they tell us
We’ll buy what they sell us
Until it’s all gone

Isn’t it funny?



My left leg was the weaker,
occasionally buckling at the knee.
After turning my right ankle,
Leftie took charge
working for two.



I find myself wanting
to make an impact
lasting through the ages
verba mea legendus sunt
but find myself living
burying the lede
writing in media res, I mean
in media cheaper than newspaper
should i sudo quit?
option command escape?
is the symbolism apparent?
Does form follow function, truly?
What are these letters we inherited &
were we their intended recipients?
Do these words mean anything at all?
Are they truly my own?
I read you {your words too}
for this library is always open
and wonder if the black on white
evoke the same stirrings in you
(– do there exist strings of common understanding;
are these the ties that bind?)
if our foolish fleeting thoughts are well formed
or just bastard things
on the editor’s floor
in the dustbin of the universe

I find myself wondering these things
about me
(and about you too)
and if anyone gives a
flying fuck
or if these pixels will last
beyond my next kernel panic

but then, I see,
in majestic 12pt words
that only the internet could deliver

that you wrote in Comic Sans
and I’m like