I find myself wanting
to make an impact
lasting through the ages
verba mea legendus sunt
but find myself living
burying the lede
writing in media res, I mean
in media cheaper than newspaper
should i sudo quit?
option command escape?
is the symbolism apparent?
Does form follow function, truly?
What are these letters we inherited &
were we their intended recipients?
Do these words mean anything at all?
Are they truly my own?
I read you {your words too}
for this library is always open
and wonder if the black on white
evoke the same stirrings in you
(– do there exist strings of common understanding;
are these the ties that bind?)
if our foolish fleeting thoughts are well formed
or just bastard things
on the editor’s floor
in the dustbin of the universe

I find myself wondering these things
about me
(and about you too)
and if anyone gives a
flying fuck
or if these pixels will last
beyond my next kernel panic

but then, I see,
in majestic 12pt words
that only the internet could deliver

that you wrote in Comic Sans
and I’m like