Posts for June 17, 2019


A Sun-Stained Hideaway

An old barn

A group of friends

Plants and trees

Butterflies all around

Laughter fills the air

To drown the evil

Rain pouring

The sky lighting up

The clock ticking

Livin’ while they can

All summer long


Power held in a glass of hysteria

I wonder what it would be like to be a queen.
To have power handed to you in the presence of marriage.
To have a king by your side, a kingdom in your view.
The most beautiful, respected woman.
Having power over the people. The riches.
I sit here and wonder what it would be like to be a queen, but then the thought comes again.
I wonder what it would be like to be a king, and to have a queen beside me instead.
Maybe I am not missing being a queen, but being in the wrong body entirely. 
I fool myself with these thoughts of confinement. 
I will never ever be a queen let alone a king, I am a simple girl in the mist of the chaos of hierarchy. 
So far from the top my mind gets lost in the order as I turn on the news to hear more of politics. I wonder was I born in the wrong body or just the wrong time. Should I have be born at all? 
I breathe in when the thought reoccurs.
I just want to be a king. 



Do you remember being born? 
A strang celebration. 
A day of anticipation. 
They had been waiting for you. 

As if you were the glue that would bring them back together. 
As if you had all the answers. 

Born into a strange situation, one you would grow into. 
You were already doomed. 


conversation theories

“hey, it’s been a while

how are you?”
not well? that really sucks
or this really great thing happened
that’s really exciting
I’m glad for you
or maybe
let’s see how things go.
play it cool. but never
just hey
instead: “I’ve been doing a lot of thinking, and we had a really good time last week. I think it would be really cool if we met up for coffee later.”
wait for the inevitable
outcome of nothing. wait
for something else
guaranteed that any response
will surprise you.
don’t think too much about it
“has anything exciting
happened to you
since we last saw each other?”
responded with someone at work
just got promoted and
I think she deserved it or
nothing new at all or
I’m going to see a show again soon
maybe you should join me
change how you open then,
hide nothing in your words
“I haven’t been able to stop thinking about you. Last week
we had a great time, and I think
I want to spend the rest
of my life with you.”


On A Night Like This

is the only answer
for this
to sleep like a thing
thats nearly dead
and can’t think
or dream



Couple of teens
eyes on screens
Giant blocks 
aboard shoulders
not Legos.
Two little girls 
heads bent together
a Donk Donk
and a CeeCee
What’s a CeeCee?
Twin small faces
masks at the door
Doubtful Guests 
no more.


We Can’t All Be Madonna

But lately
I’ve been making alternative choices
breaking free from my narrative
choosing red instead of blue
sparkles over drabness
the witching hour over the dog watch
waiting for words to drift in on the night
the spirit on the rain
Don’t be rigid I tell myself
learn to change your destiny


Smudges for Someone

Fog on glass
from each
nonexsistant word.

entertwined with
lips outer edges.

Curtains parted
as longing hands 
caress glass
for no one.


Strawberry Full Moon

strawberry full moon
count my past sucked dry
your stems spit to the side
tomorrows darken
ripe for the picking
crystalline tart coolness
inside a rough husk
the old man’s shaved face
promises nothing
the surface of loss
never speaks
the lovers and children
who harvest merriment
leave with their hands empty
barking remonstrance and pleasure
as if forever
means no consequence


Divine Intrusion

Violent Rays
Interrupt the peak of my lethargic daze.
Unwanted flashes of consciousness
shred any recollection of this day dream.
Although the sky cries out,
the sun flares it’s ritual gleam.
Shall it remain uncertain?
Perhaps not,
but that’s how it seems.
No one knows for sure how or when it will end.  
We ponder our faith,
many until the day we die.
Just a hint of the truth
will make a small child cry.
Violent rays…Jesus saves
The moment we pass away
we’ll be sold like slaves.
Can we really be caste
far into the sky?
Perhaps we’ve been living
by God’s vengeful lie.