Posts for June 17, 2020



There has
been a
when I 
haven’t felt 
I hope 
I hide it
needs me.


Never Ending Novelty

Three kittens carousing 
Mid morning
across my street
grey, striped and brown
while I drink my honey cream coffee 

They jump big and four footed
and make me think of 
the innocence of childhood

how quickly it goes

I think I should probably be the one
to take them and spay them
The mother is a kitten herself
Rivaling The Kitten in cuteness 
(But we would never tell her that)

Who am I to interfere in their lives
disrupt their playful innocence 

But then there will be too many kittens
And whoever heard of such a thing
but it won’t be cute
Nothing came of the thought

Now, the yellowing orange streetlights
shine on trees down the hill 
Mingling with the blues and pinks
and purples in the sky
Making pools on the street
appearing just above
a march of white clover

Still your playing makes my heart leap
and tears come to my eyes
for this moment and
this moment
and this moment
never ending 


Waiting for the Wrong Her

it was a half-empty
glass beside a limp magazine
in a room with weak light

it was the crumpled
nothing note
weighted in the present
that stretch of summer

and after it was over
it felt like
a sulfur midnight
on July
after all 
of the violent blinding color
have gone
and all I had
was to feel the slow
that played out
the death
of summer



And I’m not quite sure
whether you are the wind
or the waves-
when the wrecked hull of my body
lapped at your shoreline,
did you lick my wounds?
When your crests
were coated in oil,
who skimmed your surface?
When the darkness seemed as though
it would never falter
who was saved,
me or you?


a reprise

the morning smell
leaked through the a.c. vents
and sweetened fast-food coffee
coated our tongues
as interstate lights flashed by

the wispy clouds
passed by like smoke
as the mountains
laid dormant
and the trees
stayed in their slumber

slowly, the sun
joined the living
and our worries
came back, too


Fumes of Fancy

Humans are
more fragile than
we want to be.
The thought of our
mortality pressing
down on us
is too much,
when it’s
to our naked eye.
We were scared
for a while
and followed
the rules,
sheltering in place,
washing our hands,
but grew
and indignant
like grounded
So now
we rebel.
We decide
we’re invincible.
This can’t touch us.
At least the majority
of us jump head first
to this conclusion,
so the rest have
no choice
as we are
dragged along.
There are
infinite ways
to think about
but we usually
latch on to the
one most familiar;
the one that
makes us happiest.
Instant gratification
seems to be the
overall favorite.
So, onward we go
down the path of
with squared
and set jaws
daring this virus
to be a real threat.


captive audience

In smoky alto, she
rasps out a melody
so soft and sad,
that I don’t dare breathe
until the first line ends.
A gentle rhythm sways,
hypnotic and sweet,
also my hips,
to feel the motion
inside myself.
I hold this song
like a lover,
as if to make it 
part of me.
I want to become 
sound, color, texture,
my body, the palette,
my lungs hold the air
the trumpeter needs 
for his next phrase.
My eyes close as he begins to play…….


The Sun Still Rises When It Rains

The clouds cover the sun rising

From behind the mountains

But the blue and pink tones

Still peak through.

The fog decorates the top of the trees

Like icing on a cake,

The view may not be clear

But the sun is still rising,

As it will.


The rain drops are heavy on the leaves

But they leave a smell so reminiscent

In the morning air.

The rain may make you shiver

But it only take a minute

To brew a pot of coffee.

Take a seat on the porch,

Or walk up the mountain

And watch the sunrise,

No matter the conditions.

Because the sunrise starts our day

And we only have so much time

Until the sun sets, and we meet the moon.

And the sunrises in our lives

Are limited.


A female deer tick

vanilla white and 

dug in. The skin inflamed red.

Another worry.


Once Compared Hands

I rip my fake nails off, my natural nails break
I slip my rings off
I trace my palms
My hands look so much smaller
Now alone
A p a r t from yours