Three kittens carousing 
Mid morning
across my street
grey, striped and brown
while I drink my honey cream coffee 

They jump big and four footed
and make me think of 
the innocence of childhood

how quickly it goes

I think I should probably be the one
to take them and spay them
The mother is a kitten herself
Rivaling The Kitten in cuteness 
(But we would never tell her that)

Who am I to interfere in their lives
disrupt their playful innocence 

But then there will be too many kittens
And whoever heard of such a thing
but it won’t be cute
Nothing came of the thought

Now, the yellowing orange streetlights
shine on trees down the hill 
Mingling with the blues and pinks
and purples in the sky
Making pools on the street
appearing just above
a march of white clover

Still your playing makes my heart leap
and tears come to my eyes
for this moment and
this moment
and this moment
never ending