careening static seas of ceaseless surds, 
black seedbeds’ freckled femur’s sultry,
sibilant soughing soothes and succors,
sorts, resorts, and, tittering smooths—∴

  like tongueless
Orpheus transposing
  radio static in
tactless clacks or
  cracking glass

cold dribble of ink’s amorphous membrane
clung against torridly sun-stained chrome

a thought
                  a pulse 
                                compelled it
                fleshing out 
                                       a fickle surd’s
attempt at tenuous mimicry
                                                    sown through a shadow
                                                                                                 combing from crumbling
               patchwork ridges shadows sheared
                                                                                 in limberly lumbering
                                     blueberry blue
                                                                  sprawled lissomely rich
                                                                                                               as stockings stretch
to blear these crazing veins and creases
                                                                           craning manes and shrunken pieces,
jury-rigged rounds of Newman’s Guilty,
The Bonny Swans, and Love and Mercy.

The Judge lies
south of a shipyard’s
blistering clarion cranking
cannery static.

A crinkling steeldrum
cast across splintering heartstrings
strapped and bolted tight
as a snickering rictus
sallowed teeth grit.

Quiet canaries blackened
blot and plot the
Euxine’s swoln and
shoaling bays, 

but splattering song
or tempestuous tirades
teasing at age’s nyngkilings
swift as stars elude
an old orrery’s orders,
stammering, bruxist, juggernaut, star-clock;
red banded youth in cacophonous chorus line.

Stars, a rash
among perfect darkness,
perforations puckering seamless paper,
signs and sigils stitched
in quilters’ tried and trusted stencils;

stencils, fashioned
fixed in fractured
tracts of inviolable tracing paper:

ophidian bolts unfolded,
frayed, and flaccidly framing flawless forms,

as though you’d swaddle insufferable sackcloth snugly ’round wan David‘s thighs

(quaint personage scourging scrupled eyes
 as umbrous voices bilboes stalk
 and doctrines darken deathly still;
 as cumbrous choices fillip stocks
 and mockeries meekly measure all
 sensitive creatures heartfelt frissons
 cramp, enfeeble, cripple, riffle, roil, 
 crack— alight, and slacken).

Call a thing by its name
  and make it so,
a pianola’s sacred scroll  
  an incantation dreamily leering

Helter Skelter
  Stygian oaths
of skulls and bones
  cast over a welter

sweetened in dippel’s
  or smeared in realgar, woad, flax
left stitched to a star
  and cast in a faction’s
stiffly smoldering mold
  of impervious iron
chains of them anchored
  by wires belayed,
uncoiling, creaking lines
  disgruntled Mamet’s
mild metronome
  stirs and surges
echoing drunken seamsters,
   initiate friends
of a Morai’s union
  shaping fates
in flawless, thoughtless,
  limberly senseless
lines and leads
  a Singer’s pulsing
prong attuned to
  tried and tireless
patterns creased
  and yellowing— lo!
though pressed
  in precious poesy
further, radiant,
  throbbing steam
each fringe alights
  among endless,
ineffable forms
  of ouroboros barred
in staffs and measures
  a shepherd had
seized in tremulous frenzy,
  Patrick afeard of his sibilant,
sibylline snakes still— lo!

the posers pained
  in leaden paint,
those evermore jealous
  of Ellison’s struggle
that stirred such
  plumply potent poems,
plums a thrawn and
  charring star must
pickle thick and gold
  as umeboshi;
who’d smear a
  stolen photo, rimed
with bluntly splintered
  surds and garish oils
to matte a perfidious
  pallor guilt had wrung
with a plug of
  purported color, light
inditing languid love
   ‘long thrawn, indelible
fractures; bees encircling
  rings of broken branches,
sensible as sodden breezes
  pluck at dangling pipes
and bottles braying—

  Echoes of Ellison
sleepily sung
  in tone-deaf numbness
mumbling maws
  eruct in some
saturnine sap like
  tactless ants this
bobbing breeze
  implores to
fancifully fling through whistling windows—

Glib groomers of
  Jack the Bear
bedazzling dander charred
  in paled and tailored
mellocreme molten pulses forged;
  what torrid ideals
and harrowing hordes
  of torches tousling 
mindless meat, frail
  artery chewn from
blackened flesh 
  a plate adorned,
  a cringe bespoke,
wet wad of cud
what Wagyu cribbed
  from glimmering grout
  of jet and pearlescent
sediment polished flagstones flaunt;
those crisply viscid teeth
   of a pedigree’s grin
impressing properly prominent prints
  upon orange, ruffled tule
of a circus attraction
  trammeled in tedious two-steps—

Ursula pawing her howler’s claw,
  shimmied with whipping tales’ arrangements, 
  skinning a cordial engagement raw, found
  papering yellowing walls in tender dander
singed in dappling smoke
a cringe bespoke
a plate adorned
and crazed in curdled blood
mistook for dirt or stiffening pudding
leaden flakes of paint arraigned as staggering tangrams
gods drawn long among caking dandruff
wielding wild wigs and warpéd mallets
sanded, lathed, and stained, the lacquered,
stitched in sciamachy’s shimmering camiknickers,
a teddy stretched hard and flat as blistering asphalt queens streaked muddling lines through—

to tie a tongue in
  languid, lulling lines
wan, peevish limelights lazily
  whet and dampen; drupulets,
racemes stars assay, that
  laymen’s scrofulous touch
contracts, then, withering
  blithering march among
battered pieces sloughed
  from forebears’ formless
puzzles flustered, bent,
  upended, burnt,
unbroken, still
encased in imp-
ervious prisms
that thoughtles-
sly,  far-flung t-
heorists shape-
d from molds
of dreams fr-
om which no
light escapes
and nary so-
me surd’s w-
arm smudge

a turtleshell spider attempts to ascend my cuff,
assaying my length against distant trees
each perilous inch by parlous leap;  

the baffling suction,
drums coarse seawater snakes across
picking a chittering snare to seize
and release in a leveling peal,
diminished to silence
ruffled in glorious
birdsong heralding dawn
or something brighter
and evermore colorful

This blizzard’s clearing, azure, crisp:
feel fewer frustrating frissons fizzle. 
A dream informed me seasons prior, 
All of us will be left here as small and cold as the snow.
(I sleep in the shape of laborious hieroglyphs most nights.) 
The dial’s sloughed that dithered ‘twixt shrouded and snow-blind.
The aerial’s sinuous shimmy spirals in wild menageries free
as Athenian birds, as slithering glints a fluid, perfervid thread of sumptuous surds (that tones of throatsong flesh) thrusts heartily, simpering, forward, cresting,
weaving among our sunrise fresher hues here hitherto often merged
in molten, pulsing, unrelenting reds and blue of a glaucous bruise.