r u just going 2 stand there,
& do nothing?
       no, eyem OK just alright.
             just roll up yr sleeves, pull
             yr g_d-dam sef up!
him?! he’s jus—a—friend.
          (oh, her?  she’s jus—a—friend.)
u!  can u just go away or stop?!

      when weir(d) married, wud u, wud u 
stay with me (theanswerisno) nomatterwhat?
         will this ever/end?
will we/make ends meet?
       will eye ever/sleep with someone(?)
        again, (again
will she (?) come back 2me?

what if oseyeda bin sober?
      what if eyed-a-succeeded?
            what if nun of dis matterd?
                  what if ev’rything matterd?
            what if they won’t miss me?
       what if eye f*ck it up?


    hope is a rope I can’t have.