Today I dug in my flowerbed.
My goal was to pull up vines and roots that held on for dear life. 
I begged and pleaded – let go. My garden needed to be weeded.
Pulling and tugging I wouldn’t be defeated. Shovel in hand I never retreated.
Deeper and deeper the shovel’s blade went.
Piercing the soil till something it did hit.
What could it be?
I couldn’t yet see.
There it was I made a groan.
I didn’t expect that – It was a bone.
Was it human, animal, or dinosaur?
I watch enough CSI to know not to touch the remains.
I didn’t have an evidence bag, but a Ziploc works all the same.
No ability to run a DNA Test.
As for me, I have to guess.
What’s your answer,
Human, animal, or dinosaur?
What bone did you pick?