Unnoticed was the moment
you slid from my possession
down between the car seats,
ghosted well through midnight.

I could have fixed the problem,
you were just in the parking lot,
could have brought you back inside
and remained tied to my pocket.

Instead I made it a windowless room,
no pretty pictures to wonder about,
no messages to never send
or to never receive.

Instead I was
one hundred percent present
among my closest friends,
no desperate corner to fester in,

because it’s just so hard to enjoy a moment
letting the outside in.
I’d rather see trees and forests
than go thirsting in dry lands.

Free of your influence,
I’m left merely physical
which turns out to be my best side.
My most content.

I’ll be doing this again,
unplugged and coasting by
on what the world surrounds me with
to get me through a night.