I can’t say, that I don’t want for anything

I want what every half-classed junkie wants
to know today is gonna be different
to stop believing in the sage wisdom of fortune cookies
Is it too much to ask? that for ten bucks, I just want one to come true

I’ve been told it’s best not to “want for anything”
I don’t think that’s true
every warm-blooded one of us is a junkie for love
we all wanna believe the three words often said too soon
when all we know
is the withdrawal of an empty bed
the imbalance in our heads
and the only cure that makes sense

I admit I sing along with “let it be” whenever it plays, no matter who plays it
but if those are words of wisdom then I have no use for it anymore
because I can’t help but look back at the mess I’ve left behind
because I wanna push one of your buttons and cover it with duct tape
because I quit smoking
two week old thanksgiving leftover refridgerator turkey and all
because I want to spend old age in a cabin
on the sunny side of a dormant volcanoe
try and explain that Paul McCartney

In life there are no guarantees
except that; you shouldn’t want for anything
and you will find yourself wanting
that, we ought to sing along with the church quire hypnotic chant
“we allll live in a yellow submarine, a yellow submarine, a yellow”
oh wait wrong song
but try as you might, you can’t hypnotize yourself into wisdom
In the end
it’s not peace we want
or tranquility
we want someone to tell us
what we already knew
but had no words for saying
when we found ourselves wanting
for nothing