A lotta sand
a little water
a tiny, squirming worm
in a bright blue plastic tower mold

Turn it over
squish it down
for another round  

“I’m scared of worms”
you tell me
but can’t say why 

I wonder
what I’m scared of 
and if you’ll remember this afternoon together  

The little blond hairs
on the side of your head
are wet 
with the sweat of concentration  

I scoop in more sand
we both smooth it down
identical pink shovels
one in each hand  

Turn it over
squish it down
ready again
for another round  

We continue like this
for a good half an hour
slow as this turtle
filled with mounds and spots of precious time  

A boy turning four
an uncle turning forty more
both lost in thought
like now is all that ever was