There’s a playlist deep within my phone about you.
It isn’t actually that far away. A simple click and it
will pop up with a heart next to it and a picture of
you. Don’t worry, you agreed when I took that one 
when the wind was playing with your hair. I wish
I was the wind. Of course, I doubt you would ever
find it, but I used to put it on when I missed you.
When I remembered I didn’t see you every Monday
through Sunday. That playlist reminded me that you
were perfect; you still are. The beauty of your face
on my playlist allowed me to pretend you’re with me.
I could pretend the person who always listened and
gave the best advice was by my side. The one who
“loved” me. Within my playlist, when I got down on
one knee, you always said yes. But when I got down
on one knee two months ago, you insisted no and I
listened. I listened to the music and clicked away.