I sit at my desk

and my cat is by my side
lazing in the floor
as I hit an all time high score.
I celebrate with glee
and she purrs next to me.
I sit on the couch 
with my best friend
laughing and talking
as we watch Blown Away
wishing for more days
like this filled with bliss.
I sit at the restaurant 
my siblings and I 
letting out a content sigh
as my brother licks his lips
and my sister eats the last cheese cake bits, 
communal sharing of the last meals piece
making it feel more complete.
I sit in the parked car
my husband by my side
and we talk and talk
until dusk disappears
into the moons rise
and I stare into his hazel eyes
praying that all these moments
would stay, and stay,
perpetually frozen in place.