“Old white man aims crossbow at black man”
White conservatives line up around
Their precious statues of racism
Preparing to kill protesters for their pride
Backed up completely by the abomination
In the White House

“Pastor reaches for desperate measures, calling slaves a ‘blessing’”
May he rot in hell
Some apologies will never be valid 
After what has been said or done

“Black men found hanging, all ruled suicides”
 Seems too odd
During such troubled times

Rayshard murdered by cop in Wendy’s parking lot after falling asleep
Dylann rewarded with trip to Burger King after murdering nine black people

Honestly, the years don’t matter, do they?
Because this hasn’t stopped
During the previous 400

Black woman gets shot at home in bed by the cops,
They tell her mother she’s at the hospital
She’s not
She’s dead in her apartment 
Where her mother finds her
But somehow the report is blank

Buffalo protester in a hospital with a fractured skull
He can’t move
Marks from zip ties and swelling around the hands
Of a girl who was abused by cops and molested in a cemetery

Confederate flags fly and people refuse to own up to ignorance
So we can be sure that they are, indeed, racists“
Blue lives matter” flags go up outside of brick houses
In fancy subdivisions
So occupants can just be clear with everyone who drives by
That they do, indeed, support police brutality

Local mayor stumbles out of the pub
On our way back to the car
From Black Lives Matter march
Old privileged white man who calls himself a Democrat
Where were you?

I voted today and I need my voice to work
Please let the right people get into the system

Protesters arrested
Protesters arrested
For using their voices
Freedom of speech, an amendment,
The first, in fact,
But apparently that’s the amendment that can be adjusted
That’s the one they have decided is antiquated
That they are going to arrest for
To abuse for

But this isn’t over,
Despite what your social media feeds may lead you to believe,
This isn’t over
And if you have a voice,
For the love of any gods you believe in,

Use it