I walk through the green shade
looming overhead
tulip poplars and black locusts standing
solid, an armful of forever,
the fabric of the only world
to process darkness
and the lattice of self-doubt  

no matter how you fold it
every thing  
is breaking
every catalogue of grievances sings
with loud voices
in whatever opening it finds
words thick as new honey  

how will I breathe in this day
and avoid the danger
of my feelings
the giant hungers
that hide in the pressure folds & glide
to write a history
for things that never happened  

I’m trying to put my life in piles
small attachments and losses
I am terrified of small possibilities
swallowing each day as it comes
an unopened envelope  

under a mulberry tree
in its quiet cafe of sky
lush loneliness
listening to insects
and the wind’s unrest
a seething wet morass of color
I am reminded
to see distance and silence
grace and angle
ways of knowing
that ancient thrill
the thick irrational shiver

a sliver of shimmer splits the world wide open
spilling its light as it goes
toward love  

* Cento using lines of various poems of Lexington Poetry Month 2017.
Thank you to upfromsumdirt, T.M. Thomson, Rae Cobbs, Jim Lally, Jeremy Paden, Kate Fadick, Pauletta Hansel, Amanda Kelley Corbin, K. Bruce Florence, Edelweiss Meadows-Millstone, Melva Sue Priddy, Larry Wheeler, Deanna Mascle, Black Sunshine, Philip Corley, Jay St. Orts, Misty Skaggs, pat Owens, Brandyn Johnston, Ka`imilani, Rachel Khosrowshahi, Bernie Deville, M. Wells, Jonel Sallee for intriguing lines to work with.