Their harsh chatter brought me to the surface
of reluctant waking this morning.  

I thought they were part of the dream
that lingered like a mysterious odor,  

but when I raised up on my elbow
and opened the blinds, there they were,  

strutting the city roof like princes,
their inky swadde, royal robes of the realm.  

They regarded me as a pardoned felon.
Nearly naked, what else could I do but stare back?  

I thought after my shower
they would have moved on,  

but they had settled in like squatters.
What omen descended?  

All day I walked gently, afraid
of breaking a leg or running into an open door.  

Made sure my money was safe in the bank.
No one had stolen my car.  

I checked their pedigree online,
a random clutter of legend and drama.  

One site claimed the dead travel the world as crows,
not as gloomy harbingers but as reminders of those lost.  

Just in case, I walked out onto the balcony,
faced their dark confusion, and waved.